Our Story

We’re committed to our people, our community and our home.

We are a team full of ability, passion and compassion. Without a doubt, our family extends to more than those who we share a home.

Our family is our team, our beautiful environment and the animals who inhabit it. We welcome all to share and experience our incredible piece of paradise.

Our commitment to our family and home continues within our community. We seek out opportunities to invest our time and efforts. You’ll find us volunteering, helping others, and building lasting relationships with other local businesses and residents. We truly believe in community over competition.

Words we live by

“Keep it simple” is about being authentic. We are genuine in the way we interact with people, be it customers or guests, colleagues, or suppliers. We mean what we say, delivering on our promises. We will always act with honesty, integrity, and humility. “Keep it simple” is also about treating our customers as real, individual people, not groups.

We are one company, one team, all working together to achieve the same goals. We recognize diversity as our strength and allow opportunities for inclusion. We communicate well with one another and are open minded and inclusive in our dealings. We take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members when needed or asked. We focus on finding solutions not assigning blame and most importantly we enjoy each other’s company and strive to make our workplace as fun as possible.

We make it outstanding when our customers go WOW! When people are blown away by the experience, they are compelled to tell the world. To make our customer’s experiences outstanding we go above and beyond what’s expected of us. This means serving and performing with respect, professionalism, passion and most importantly, a smile.

We should all make it home safely at the end of each day. That’s not just ourselves, but our guests and contractors. We need to be vigilant about hazards in the workplace, report or address any safety issues, and follow the safety systems that are in place to protect us. Above all else, we should look out for ourselves, our colleagues, and our guests physical, and metal wellbeing.

It is our privilege to show visitors our part of the world, whether it’s the night sky or high country farming life. We aim to be gracious hosts, welcoming and friendly. We help our customers feel at ease, like part of the Silver River family. We are mindful that we share these amazing places with the wildlife that live there, so we work hard to protect and nurture the environments we operate in, protecting the land and our night sky.

We strive to improve ourselves and our organization every day, by challenging the norm and proactively thinking about better or different way of doing things. We are always learning, innovating, and thinking outside of the box. We are brave, not scared to try new approaches, because progress only happens when we are willing to try something new.

We are proud to be a Living Wage Employer

This means the world to us. We are very proud to be the Mackenzie Region’s first accredited tourism operator to pay a living wage. This is one of many steps we have taken to enable our team to live with dignity and be able to participate as active citizens in society.

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We support the Tiaki Promise

In New Zealand we welcome manuhiri (guests) in the spirit of manaakitanga (respect, kindness and hospitality). Hear our call. Feel welcome.

We also present our visitors with a wero (challenge). This wero is a challenge and commitment to care for New Zealand. This wero is the Tiaki promise.

We encourage all visitors to pick up this wero. To follow the Tiaki Promise. To act as a guardian, protecting and preserving our home.